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T2550 PAC


T2550 Programmable Automation Controller - The Most Affordable, High Availability PAC

The T2550 PAC is a high performance solution offering extremely cost effective redundancy options - making high availability viable for more of your process.

T2750 PAC


The T2750 PAC hardware provides high-performance control with cost-effective redundancy options in a versatile modular system. Powerful instruments, the control units, and the I/O system form the basis of a complete distributed control and recording environment. This environment is capable of continuous analog, logic, sequential control, batch management, secure data recording at point of measurement, and setpoint programming.

EM-3c - Extrusion


The EM-3c is specifically designed for small plastics extruders but is packed with the features of the popular EM-3 Extrusion Control System.

The operator interface is either a MACO Compact running Microsoft CE.net or the rugged OPtima Touch PC running Wonderware InTouch™ and can be used just for extruder temperature and pressure control or complete line control.

MCD2 MACO Compact Operator Stations - Blow molding / Injection Molding



The MACO compact operator interface is a sleek new flexible design that provides a full range of cost effective HMI ’s for the MACO Compact control system. It is available with a 12.1 inch TFT display, and an 800 x 600 viewing resolution, as well as an optional touchscreen interface.

MC4C MACO Compact Control System - Blow molding / Injection Molding


The MACO Compact is a cost competitive, application specific, programmable logic controller with the advantages of integrated, total machine control in a compact package. It is an expandable system, available with different options to meet OEM and end-user application requirements. Equipped with Ethernet communications, the MACO Compact delivers seamless connection to plant wide systems. A tightly integrated multiple processing architecture, utilizing DSP technology provides

Breeze IIc - Blow molding


The MACO Breeze IIc parison only control provides high performance wall thickness control. This standalone unit is based on the MACO Compact control system, and includes a Compact parison board and Compact touch screen display in a chassis only slightly deeper than an Optima PC, eliminating the need for a separate controller enclosure!

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