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MC4C MACO Compact Control System - Blow molding / Injection Molding

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The MACO Compact is a cost competitive, application specific, programmable logic controller with the advantages of integrated, total machine control in a compact package. It is an expandable system, available with different options to meet OEM and end-user application requirements. Equipped with Ethernet communications, the MACO Compact delivers seamless connection to plant wide systems. A tightly integrated multiple processing architecture, utilizing DSP technology provides


The controller also features built-in diagnostic and process monitoring for multiple shot monitoring, shot to shot repeatability, data storage, “reference/signature” shot and “snapshot” functions. Additionally, online RLD diagnostics allow troubleshooting logic and machine operation with web browsing capability via the internet.

The MACO Compact supports either open or closed loop (IMPACT ™ II) injection process control. Run the machine for a few cycles, and IMPACT II creates a theoretical model of the process. It uses this model along with hundreds of rules to automatically optimize the process to compensate for short and long term deviations in the injection molding process. Injection control features velocity or pressure controlled fill with ramping for up to 10 steps. Transfer mode is user selectable and there are multiple steps of pack and hold, as well as synchronized back pressure and RPM control of up to 10 steps. Eight isolated temperature control loops with the industrybest auto tune algorithm, a full complement of built-in alarm functions, with auto-compensation available for sensor break. There is also an optional 12 zone T/C-Analog card available. 

A standard 3 card version provides a total of 52 digital outputs and 36 digital inputs. Adding optional I/O cards to fill the 4 slot chassis expands the I/O to 100 digital outputs and 68 digital inputs. In addition to the 4 slot enclosed chassis, six and eight slot open chassis are available. Multiple chassis systems will also soon be available. Control data can be viewed on Eurotherm’s new line of flexible high speed Windows CE based 12.1 inch TFT displays. These displays are equipped with two USB ports (the front port is typically utilized with memory sticks for recipe transfers) and a compact flash interface (for data storage). Recipes, SPC data, screen captures and logging functions can be stored and loaded from various memory devices. The control is also compatible with our family of OPtima Touch PC based operator stations based on our Wonderware® InTouch based applications and plant wide integration capabilities.

Slot 1: High Speed Analog and Logic Process Using Dual DSP’s

  • 6 Analog Inputs (Voltage or Current) with Excitation (Isolated as a Group)
  • 4 DC Logic Inputs (includes Tach Interface capability)
  • 4 DC Logic Outputs (Low Current)
  • 4 Analog Outputs with Linearization (Isolated as a Group)
  • 2 Daughterboard Slots for Optional

Encoder, Strain Gauge, or Digital I/O Cards

Slot 2: 8 Thermocouple Inputs, 16 DC Outputs, and 24V dc Power Supply Interface

Slot 3: 32 (24Vdc, 2 Amp) Digital Outputs and 32 (24Vdc) Digital Inputs

(or optionally 12 thermocouple Inputs, 16 DC Outputs)

Slot 4: Optional 32 (24Vdc, 2 Amp) Digital Outputs and 32 (24Vdc) Digital Inputs

Standard 3 Card version provides 52 Digital Outputs, and 36 Digital Inputs.

Optional I/O Cards expands I/O to 100 Digital Outputs and 68 Digital Inputs.


  • Tightly integrated multiple processor architecture
  • Built-in diagnostics & process monitoring
  • Online and web browsable RLD diagnostics
  • 16 bit analog I/O
  • High performance ethernet communications
  • Patented & proven IMPACT™ II closed loop process control
  • 6-slot and 8-slot versions also available
  • 24 Vdc powered

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