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T2750 PAC

Σύντομη περιγραφή


The T2750 PAC hardware provides high-performance control with cost-effective redundancy options in a versatile modular system. Powerful instruments, the control units, and the I/O system form the basis of a complete distributed control and recording environment. This environment is capable of continuous analog, logic, sequential control, batch management, secure data recording at point of measurement, and setpoint programming.


Key Benefits:

  • High Performance Controller
  • Historian "Store & Forward"
  • High Integrity data recording
  • Redundancy
  • Integration
  • Multi-Setpoint Programmer
  • Enterprise Control System

Key Capabilities:

  • Redundant operation with E-Sync technology
  • “Store & Forward” data recording at I/O level with Wonderware Historian
  • IEC61131 Part 3 compliant software tools with rich function block library

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